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Terry B.
Member #500
I'm very, very impressed with your web site! It looks as though you're one of the most knowledgeable historians on the subject of Big Little Books. Which of your books would be the best to read for a general education on the subject?
Terry--Thanks for the kudos on the site. We hope you continue to come back as we evolve. And we'll definitely take all feedback into consideration. For learning about BLBs, I'd recommend The Collector's Guide to Big Little Books and Similar Books. It can be purchased from the Club - see the "Items for Sale" section of this website.
David M.
Web site visitor
I just visited your web site and it is AWESOME! Did you know that I grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin? I remember as a child going to the publishing company in Racine (6 miles from Kenosha) with my mother and getting books at a very good price. I LOVED books!
David--We're glad you enjoyed the site. You might want to check out our "For Sale" area where Dr. Lowery, and many other experts in this field have published material that can expand any person's knowledge and enjoyment of Big Little Books.
Karen O.
Web site visitor

I had the opportunity to look at your new web site. It is really neat. I picked up some information that I didn't have before, such as the Golden Age of Big Little Books and caring for Big Little Books. I really enjoyed it. I suggest that you add some listings of the actual Big Little Books published. I'm sure that people who are new to Big Little Books and are not familiar with the Club would appreciate it.

I belong to the Zane Grey's West Society and as a consequence, I basically collect only King of the Royal Mounted series. I built our group's web site and have included a page on Zane Grey's King of the Royal Mounted Big Little Books. If you don't mind, I would like to reference your web site from my page. This could be extremely helpful to our members who collect the Big Little Books.

Monique B.
Member #866
 Your web site is fantastic! I ran to the computer and read the entire site before I finished reading by BLT issue. Someone sure has been busy--there's lots of information there. The changing BLBs on the home page are great, and I can't wait to see the flip-it feature in action.

One piece of information that might be added--it's a question I've been meaning to ask you for a long time--where do I get Mylar®? I've been storing my collection in baggies and Ziplocs® (twenty lashes with a wet noodle for me), because I can't find this stuff. The closest I've come to it is at a local comic dealer's shop, but he only stocks comic size bags that are all inserted with acid free cardboard. When I've purchased BLBs from dealers, occasionally they are packaged in bags with flaps on top that look and fit like they are specially made for BLBs. Do you know where these can be ordered?

Another suggestion--more pictures! Put more pictures on the web site. I love sites with lots of pictures. I don't know if you've acquired your scanner yet, but I thought that if you need pictures of anything I have access to, I have a digital camera that I can snap photos with and e-mail pics to you. Let me know.

Monique - Thanks for the picture offer. I'll keep in touch. And yes, I just got my scanner. I intend to add more pictures from time to time.

Concerning the covering of BLBs—Ziplocs® and other sandwich bags are not good to use. It was discovered recently that if a BLB is in a bag for a long time or if the bag gets heated, the cover of the BLB adheres to the inside of the back, and some color is lost when the book is removed. Mylar® is the type I use. At one time I corresponded with people who produce Mylar® products. They were not interested in making a BLB size envelope because they felt the market was too small for the investment. I discovered a good source by looking in the Yellow Pages of my phone book. Here is my source—you might contact it to see if it can service you in Canada.

TAP Plastics
1478 Contra Costa Blvd.
Pleasant Hill, CA
(p) 510.798.0420

TAP Plastics Mylar® comes in rolls. They cut the rolls to size. I order it by the yard. I use the thinnest they have, then cut from the rolls rectangles that can fold around the BLBs. Simlar to the diagrams on this web site. Some comic book stores sell Mylites®, a very very thin Mylar® envelope for packaging paperbacks. They can be used by slitting the sides of the envelopes and folding them to fit the BLBs. Mylites® are expensive, but the product is very good.

Hope this information is useful to you and to other BLB collectors.


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