Little Big Books® and Jumbo Books®
Saalfield Publishing Company, Akron, Ohio

The Saalfield Publishing Company was Whitman's most serious competitor. The company began with 78 titles in the Golden Age. They were released as Little Big Books®. All the titles were published in both a hard cover (15¢) format and a soft cover (10¢) format. There were five different sizes for these books ranging from 6 long books and movie size to standard BLB size.

Tim Tyler

The Silver Age produced 45 hard cover titles called Jumbo Books®. All were the same size as the standard Whitman BLB. In 1940 the last Saalfield BLB-type book was released, Inspector Wade and the Feathered Serpent #1194.
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Because of financial troubles, the company closed down in 1975. Its building and assets were sold. Today its archives are stored at the Kent State University Library.


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